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Rec Radar® is a FREE network of professional recruiters who place professional skilled candidates with employers through direct hire and split placements. You retain all the placement fee and we make our money through advertising and selling our software to companies to use inhouse.

Rec Radar®'s online members are based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai and 20 other countries throughout the world. Join today and post your positions and use our free network of hundreds of recruiters.

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  • Rec Radar® connects employers with recruiters for direct hires and also recruiters to recruiters for split placements on our professional and ethical recruitment network.
  • Recruiters retain 50% each of the split placements and 100% of direct hire placements.
  • Employers: you can post your positions for the recruiters to present candidates on your terms. You then deal directly with the recruiters you wish.
  • Rec Radar®'s service increases efficiency for recruiters and employers by providing a unique site that will fill positions.

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